New at this so here goes. I was looking at the x739 as I have 3.5acres (2.6 mowable) and the rest is 30ft Christmas trees to mow around. Hot Products! With so much weight up front of this “light” tractor, you might not have brakes unless you are in 4 wheel drive. The Kawasaki FD671D is a 745 cc, 45.5 cu-in V-twin 90° liquid-cooled 4-stroke internal combustion small gasoline motor with horizontal shaft. - HYDRAULIC DECK LIFT - POWER STEERING - HYDRO TRANSMISSION Drive Type: 2WD Updated: Wed, Dec 16, 2020 9:16 AM As for the comment about the backhoe, I didn’t really need a backhoe, and it takes up a lot of storage space when not in use. The mower deck is indestructible and cuts almost like a bush hog. While we were reluctant to promote a headset on our... Deere x700 Signature Series Pros and Cons, Deere 1-Series vs. x700 Signature Series Comparison, Why I chose the 1-series (1025R) instead of the x700 Signature Series, Single Point Connector for Deere Subcompact Tractors 1025r & 1023e. Something went wrong. In the end and with the help of both of your comments, the 1025r prevailed for the versatility. It was this video which started me along the process of getting my own tractor. Copyright © 1995-2021 eBay Inc. All Rights Reserved. I have a x575 (similar to the x728) with a 45 loader (still running strong after 17+ years) and I find it gets into much tighter spaces than the 1025R can. Deere provides their own ‘comparison’ page complete with recommendations for particular scenarios. Can’t wait to see how that works. CUSTOM Transition Bracket fits John Deere Quick Hitch X700 series to X500 Hitch. (Similar comments that Tim makes when comparing his series 1 to series 2 machines, just think about even smaller spaces with tighter corners). You use your John Deere equipment for a variety of jobs. - CUSTOM De-Thatcher Bracket fits John Deere Quick Hitch X700 series & X400 series. View cart for details. LP48005 or BM20853. Find parts for your john deere auger,54 snowblower: snowblower-54 for x700 series with our free parts lookup tool! As for the guy in the X729 loader video, he should try out the pyrana tooth bar, much better and cheaper than the heavy hitch version when digging into piles. Hi Tim and Chris, I just recently purchased a 1025r largely from comments I’ve seen here and on YouTube from Tractor Time with Tim and others. Each of the John Deere material collection systems has durable construction for long life in homeowner or commercial applications. It could easily pick up a full load of gravel, but you really had to be careful about how high you carried it and when going down hills. Get outdoors for some landscaping or spruce up your garden! This 5085E is in very nice condition with only 911 hours on it. Is there a CargoBuckle in your future? Many of the x series do not have a joystick for the hydraulics, it is done with two levers. 00. T... Dowda Farm Equipment - Website. Thanks again for all of the advice, keep in coming!! The final straw for moving up to the sub-compact and compact, was that my x595se only had one gear setting, it was fast for travel, but a little short on the real “grunt” pulling I needed. I purchased a new this year Deere MCS system for the 3pt hitch with push button dump from the seat and powerflow connection. $24.99 shipping. I did not have a rear pto or 3 pt, but priced them…exactly as the article here says, better put the money into an upgraded tractor. I ran a X585 with a 45 loader for about 11 years. Hey Tim. Before I needed to tend to the rest of my property, I got an incredible amount of work done with the x595se for what it could do. 758 which I may not have a choice and might be forced to go with the Superior Tech……it does appear that the Terra King might be a more rugged and reliable system Thanks. You can get yours from Green Parts... A sickle bar mower, like this Maschio, is easy on the tractor. I just bent down one of the molded in reinforcement ribs, but if I hadn’t stopped the trailer, it could have easily made a hole. The xSeries to me is a really robust lawn/garden tractor. Just this last month I traded it in on a 1025R with a loader and 60in mulching deck (I mow about 6 acres). ... John Deere Lawn and Garden Tractor Attachments; Model X700; Model X700. Buy for less: John Deere X700. I could tow pretty heavy trailers with a ball mounted to the standard frame of the x595se, but one time the trailer tongue slipped and I came close to punching a hole in the transmission case. ... JOHN DEERE X475 X485 X495 X585 X595 X700 X720 X728 X748 FRONT THATCHER ARM ASSY. An 8-inch extension is available separately LP48003 - Order 1 for 46-inch and 2 for 54-inch Order appropriate mounting kit also required. Overall, I think it is fairly simple. NAPA actually lists them in their computer for air, oil, and fuel filters. Take a quick look at the video, then I’ll explain below. Taxes, destination charge, freight, setup, and delivery not included. Here is my contribution to this conversation. Happy to chat if I can help. 2008 john deere x700 lawn tractor, w/48" cut - 23hp liquid cooled kawasaki eng. ), Tighter turning radius than larger tractors (especially with all-wheel-steer), 3 Point Hitch and PTO are expensive options, MSRP very near or above sub-compact when similarly equipped, Loader/Backhoe options not (no longer in the case of the loader) available. New Custom Built De-Thatcher mount for John Deere Quick Hitch. Rotary Brooms. We have a X728 that I used a 47 snowblower on which I modified the impellar which was (METAL) and it was great at blowing snow but I sold it and got a 54 inch to replace it but didnt know that JD changed the impellars to plastic on both the newer 47 and 54 my question is what to use to improve the impellar and what to use to attach to impellar take a look at them but you probably are aware of this thanks for any help given Arnie. Kawasaki FD671D, gasoline, 2-cylinder, liquid-cooled V-twin, 745 cc [45.5ci ] Power: New Custom Built De-Thatcher mount for John Deere Quick Hitch. Deere simply hasn’t chosen to license the TKV20 yet. Material Collection. NOTE: For 425, 445, 455 Tractors with a mid-mount mower. Brand New. TTWT Lettered Gildan Short-Sleeve T-Shirt, John Deere 260B Backhoe for 1-Series Tractors, Choose the Right Tiller for Your Compact Tractor, 1023e/1025r 260 Backhoe Optimal Bucket Size, Natural Playground – DIY Hillside Slide using Compact Tractor, Rim Guard – Inexpensive, Out of the Way, Rear Ballast, Muddin with Matt (260 Backhoe digging trenches), 3-Point Quick Hitch Options for Compact Tractors, The Original Tractor Cab Co. (and Tractor Umbrellas), Greasing (Lubricating) the John Deere 1025R, Kubota BX vs. Deere 1025R – Round #1 – 3 Point Hitch, DIY Lawn Care: Sprayer Calibration Process, Hydraulic Thumb for Deere 260B, 270B, and 370B backhoes, Kubota BX vs. Deere 1025R – Round 2 – Mower Setup and Specs, Choosing the Right Tiller For Your Compact Tractor - Cosmic Reviews, Tractor Time with Tim Fills his Tires with Beet Juice - Rim Guard, Kubota BX vs. Deere 1025R - Tractor Time With Tim, Kubota BX vs. Deere 1025R - Round 2 - Mower Setup and Specs - Tractor Time With Tim, Kubota BX vs. Deere 1025R - Round #1 - 3 Point Hitch - Tractor Time With Tim. $129.99. What about ruggedness and ability to chew up small limbs and twigs? Home / New Equipment / Lawn Mowers / Attachments / John Deere / Yard and Lawn Care / Front Thatcher – 38″ – X300/X500/X700 Series Front Thatcher – 38″ – X300/X500/X700 Series The thatcher, used on a regular basis, reduces excessive thatch buildup that can be damaging to a lawn’s health. Ironically, it was also the video which convinced me to NOT get the x700 series. The hood comes completely off without tools, making service a breeze. Available mower decks include a 48-in. Besides, you can get a backhoe type bucket for the FEL which can easily trench or dig shrub holes (note: I don’t have this option). and 60-in. $125. Shop a huge online selection at Usually available. John Deere X700 Tractors For Sale: 2 Tractors - Find John Deere X700 Tractors on Equipment Trader. I agree with everything you’ve mentioned in the post. Hi Arnie, I did get the X738 with 47″ snow blower & it had the plastic Impeller, it never through snow like the Steel one. I’d like someone else’s perspective. Brinly DTZ-48BH 48 in. BTW, both MCS and TKV20 are made by the same folks. This tractor has you sitting lower between the rear wheels which made it feel very stable. Hi Arnie, I did get the X738 with 47″ snow blower & it had the plastic Impeller, it never through snow like the Steel one. C $315.39. ... 7 product ratings - Lawn Tractor Mower Deck Dolly for John Deere X700 Series AutoConnect Tractors. 350Fordsuperduty 136,880 views. Accel Deep™ Mower Deck or 54-in. In fact, don’t despair if you would like a front loader, while the JD option may not be available the “little buck” front loader is a lot less money…about $2,300 with shipping and all. Less plugging, easy to attach/install. Which Tractor Should He Buy?I am a recent subscriber to your YouTube channel. It has been very rugged and virtually indestructible. The TerraKing is a much more effective system. After complaining enough to John Deere & still under warranty they offered to put the steel one on only if I paid the $50 cost, labor would be free. NOTE: For X700 Ultimate Tractors and X400/X500 Heavy-Duty Garden Tractors with a mid-mount mower. Fits John Deere Lawn and Garden Tractors. I did not mind it in this case. The back wheels will just skid without some ballast. Snow Blower, and 52-in. Now it … 2016 John Deere 1025R - - - 50 hr Service cost comparison between dealer and DIY ?? Key Features Compatible with X304, X750, X730, X754, X710, fro I did not find the same issues moving to the front of the tractor.