Specs-wise, the BarraCuda Pro 6TB HDD plays in the “uber-normie” category and it features 7200rpm and 256MB of cache via optimized read/write caching technology; in layman’s terms, this is a pretty quick HDD from an “ancient technology” standpoint. For a mechanical drive, the performance is quite good with around 140 MBps sequential data transfer rate. Our quick rundown of the top rated hard drives for gaming; Roundup review of the 7 best hard drives for gaming. Best Gaming Hard Drives for Gaming PC and for High-Performance PC. Here’s a hint for our readers: remember to download and install the Seagate Disc Wizard software from the company’s official website if you want the installation process to go smoothly and hassle-free. By Bill Wilson June 15, 2020. But can I make a suggestion? One of the most important features when shopping for a gaming computer hard drive is the spindle speedwhich is measured in revolutions per minute or RPM. Host to/from drive (sustained) You can’t expect much more than this from the best hard drive for gaming. SATA3 connectivity, the rotational speed of 7200 rpm and 64MB of cache are its specifications, and they won’t impress anyone. You should know that this is not an SSD for gaming, but a hybrid drive, with 8GB of flash that are enough for playing a game, or opening one or two apps. That includes Xbox One, Xbox One S and Xbox 360 consoles. Think about what you need it for, what your budget is, how often you are going to use it, etc. 2.5" 320GB Portable External Hard Drive Sengert USB3.0 Mobile HDD Storage for PC, Mac, Desktop, Laptop and MacBook 3.0 for PC,Mac, Laptop, Xbox One, Xbox 360(Black) 4.6 out of 5 stars 67 Electronics Although, having a lot of storage is important for most gamers, who typically also have large amounts of music and videos. You really only have a say in the physical size of a hard drive when it comes to solid-state drives, as there are standard sizes for hard disk drives. WD Black 2TB WD2003FZEX 164MB/s Home; Articles. Everything You Need to Know, NVMe vs SATA vs M.2. should be fine. Registered in England. Amazon and the Amazon logo are trademarks of Amazon.com, Inc. or its affiliates. 5 Best Internal Hard Drives for Gaming PCs and Desktops in 2020. They are more expensive, but every cent will pay off. …, Mouse DPI is a term you have probably come across if you have ever been …, When it comes to Solid State Drives (SSDs), the NVMe vs SATA and M.2 vs …, Sadly, there is no standard way through which you can classify all the various PC …, Of all the things to focus on when shopping for a new monitor, whether an …, The FreeSync VS G-Sync debate has been raging on for a while now: even the …, Webcams have many uses but are of no use when they keep bombarding you with …. Jokes aside, today, SSDs are the ones that rule and deliver the best performance results. Prices and offers are subject to change. Search Newegg.com for 320gb hard drive 2.5. Everything You Need to Know, Monitor Response Time: Everything You Need To Know, StableTrac and Dynamic Cache Technology that improve reliability and performance, lots of storage capacity for the buck asked, comes with Rescue Data Recovery Plan (optional), some users report quality control issues (DOA drives), when working on multiple apps simultaneously, it often lacks flash memory, sequential read/write speeds could be better, excellent for expanding one’s gaming console storage capacity. Similar to Seagate Expansion, WD Elements also offers plenty of space, but for even a lower price. I have mentioned that gaming hard drives should be large in size, but that does not automatically rule out the smaller drives. Although hard drives have long passed their peak, there is still a large demand for them, as storage, but also as a system drive. For a long time, hard drives were the ones to do that, but time has surpassed them. The drive is a little pricey for an HDD though, which is why we recommend this external drive only to those who really need a strong and secure drive for their needs, as this is the most reliable external hard drive you will ever come across. im looking at a laptop i want, its slightly over budget with a 320gb hard drive and core i3 processer, 4gb of ram. No one wants to spend half of his/her day waiting for a data to transfer. In his free time, he likes to spend time with his family, dance with his wife, and put together new computers. Hitachi HTS545032A7E680 320GB Hard Disk Drives for PC Gaming.Hitachi HTS545032A7E680 320GB PC HDD hardware details, and breakdown of HTS545032A7E680 320GB disk drive features These cookies do not store any personal information. Although they are still used in a large number of gaming computers, the fact i WD Black 1TB WD1003FZEX 150MB/s These differences are hardly noticeable by an ordinary user. As usual, when it comes to dirt cheap storage solutions, there are caveats, and the most annoying one, in this case, is the 5400 RPM writing speed, which means this Seagate drive is pretty slow for today’s standards; however, if you’re only looking for cheap storage solutions to complement your, let’s say PS4 gaming console, this portable external hard drive from Seagate would make for a nice addition to your gaming rig. Its combination of great performance, reliability and good value for the money are a winning formula that will leave no one disappointed. Therefore, buying the best hard drive for gaming purposes is still a welcome move. When talking about sheer performance, mostly due to the flash drive component, this drive makes maximum sequential read speed of 216.9MB/s and write speed of 211.4MB/. External HDDs are also great for gamers who use multiple machines a day for any reason, from media consumption to gaming, to productivity. Learn more. When you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. Internal hard drives usually offer SATA connectivity. It will be more than enough for your intended uses. No matter how large your storage space is, eventually it will be full. The WD Blue hard drive is one of the best budget hard drives you can buy for gaming. But are external hard drives good for gaming? If you want to enjoy the benefits of SSD technology, but are limited with budget resources, Seagate FireCuda may be the best fit for you. WD Blue is a decent-performance hard drive which can be successfully used both as a secondary drive, and as a budget solution for a system drive. Forum Member 16/02/12 - 23:41 #2. Equipped with a dual-core processor and FIT tested, just like the data center HDD’s, this hard drive will never leave you in the most important moments. ©2020 Hearst UK is the trading name of the National Magazine Company Ltd, 30 Panton Street, Leicester Square, London, SW1Y 4AJ. All other Blacks should be avoided. I have a 320GB hard drive and I've only really used about 60GB of it. Best external hard drives - What Are the Best Gaming Hard Drives for Optimal Storage 1. The best hard drive for gaming today is an SSD. If you’re looking for an affordable back-up solution on the go, this external hard drive from Seagate has your name on it. In the past, this used to be a much bigger issue, but today, the difference between 32MB and, for instance, 64MB cache drive is represented in some 10% faster loads of 64MB cache drives. How to Choose the Best Hard Drive for Gaming, An Excellent PC Hard Drive Made for Serious Gamers, A Quality Upgrade of a Traditional Hard Drive, An Affordable Hard Drive that Will Keep Everyone Satisfied, A Hard Drive that Offers Sheer Storage Space for Small Bucks, An External Hard Drive Destined for Xbox Gaming. Plenty big enough, although some people will no doubt be along to tell you that it's too small. Not enough? WD Black 6TB WD6002FZWZ 227MB/s These gaming hard disks are quite faster compared to normal or traditional 3.5 inch hard drives. For that reason, choose the drives that have the fastest possible maximum sequential read/write speeds. Our list contains a number of powerful external hard drives that are outfitted with USB 3.0 and 3.1 for lightning-quick transfer rates. Hitachi HDS721032CLA362 320GB Hard Disk Drives for PC Gaming.Hitachi HDS721032CLA362 320GB PC HDD hardware details, and breakdown of HDS721032CLA362 320GB disk drive features Therefore, always buy the hard drive that offers more capacity than you think you need. Where HDDs do not do as well as SDDs for gaming is in load times. It is mandatory to procure user consent prior to running these cookies on your website. Therefore, if you want cheap storage space, devoid of extra features, this drive is a great option for you. If you want a high-performance external hard drive, then Fantom Drives’ line is easily your best bet. The answer depends on the type you choose. When talking about the important aspects of a hard drive, capacity is probably at the top of the list. This has a great effect on gaming performance because it is directly related to the latency. Also, playing games off the drive presents no significant problems, like slowdowns or glitches, so, if you’re looking to expand your gaming console’s storage capacity, look no further than this cheap Seagate external HDD. This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website. Though no, 3 GB of memory is not good for gaming. Q1 Does the speed of Hard Drive really matters?ANS: Yes. The 2 TB Blue should be singled-out for an honourable mention for price/performance. When talking about external hard drives, they mostly offer USB connectivity. What is Mouse DPI? Our verdict. Its sequential read/write speeds are very fast (140MB/s), which is impressive for an external hard drive. Some gamers even record their own videos. The Seagate BarraCuda Compute Pro is part of the company’s Guardian series and it’s designed to bring affordable performance to everyday users, i.e. Roush Posts: 3,879. 10 Best SSD For Gaming To Make … If you’d like to join in, please sign in or register. We use cookies to improve your browsing experience on our website. WD Black 4TB WD4004FZWZ 128MB/s These are 3.5-inch Internal Hard Drives and offer great performance in gaming and demanding applications. Before we proceed, there are a few questions you need to answer confidently before you buy a hard drive. Console gaming needs a good hard drive as much as PC these days, which is why so many of them market themselves as compatible. As far as gaming goes, the only area where hard drives will make a difference is in the time it takes to load your game. You also have the option to opt-out of these cookies. Since we recently wrote about logical data recoveries from hard drives and how they structure information, it seems like a good time to tackle a question our data recovery engineers are frequently asked.. Let’s say you go to the store (or go online) and buy a new 320GB hard drive for $30 or whatever the latest special is on these now basic-level drives. If you continue to use this site without changing your settings, you consent to our cookies policy. If you are into serious hard drives that will deliver a high-quality performance, 3.5” WD Black should be high on your list. Any prices, ratings and product availability from other Amazon local marketplaces such as Amazon.co.uk, Amazon.de, Amazon.in and others may be different from the ones shown at thetechlounge.com. We also use third-party cookies that help us analyze and understand how you use this website. The #1 recommendation should be for either of these three specific WD Black models ONLY: 4 TB WD4005FZBX (and *not* WD4004FZWZ) or either of the 6 TB models. All this makes a Seagate FireCuda a great option for a primary drive or a very fast secondary drive. Hard drives are most important part of computers well gaming for very long time and it is tough to choose the best hard drive for gaming. HP 8200 Elite - Quad i5 3.10GHz, 4GB DDR3, 320GB Hard Drive, Windows 10 Pro 64-Bit, WiFi. But opting out of some of these cookies may affect your browsing experience. Transfer speed above 150MB/s is more than good for an internal hard drive, while for external drives, the acceptable speed is around 100MB/s. For something like $100, give or take, you’ll get 5 GB of storage, and this HDD works just as well on Windows and Mac in a “plug and play” fashion, i.e. In other words, unless you are buying outdated second-hand drives with 8MB, or less cache, there is not that much to be worried about. It would be helpful if you could provide a reference, please. This article may contain affiliate links. All Articles; Tutorials; News; Classes. All rights reserved. We also use them to analyze site traffic. Fact is that SSDs offer faster performance, and flash drives more practicality, but hard drives still offer the most storage space, for the lowest cost. WD Black is simply the best hard drive for gaming you can find. I have 3 portable drives, two cheap USB cases and one more expensive Firewire/USB case, all work just the same using USB 2.0, so the extra money for the one case was a waste, since I do not have a good cable now (one firewire 800 cable gone bad). Are all drives in the Black range capable of achieving this speed? The setup is super simple, as your PlayStation/Xbox One will recognize the drive instantly, and moving files around between the drive and the console is easy as pie. Seagate Game Drive for Xbox One is the only external hard drive made solely for Xbox. Cache. Comments. Hard disk drives’ spinning disks can come in either 2.5-inch or 3.5-inch sizes. I don’t know from where you get the figure 281.9MB/s. Naturally, they offer a number of benefits for your gaming setup. Best hybrid hard drive for gaming: Seagate 2TB FireCuda 3.5-Inch SATA 6Gb/s 7200-RPM 64 Cache Gaming SSHD; Best overall quality and value: WD Blue 1TB SATA 6 Gb/s 7200 RPM 64MB Cache 3.5 Inch Desktop Hard Drive https://documents.westerndigital.com/content/dam/doc-library/en_us/assets/public/western-digital/product/internal-drives/wd-black-hdd/data-sheet-wd-black-pc-hard-drives-2879-771434.pdf, And you are right, only the 4TB black or the 6TB blacks are worth buying. Luckily, they can still deliver great performance for an acceptable. Speed is the second most important characteristic of a hard drive. HDDs and SSDs both work well for gaming. Its capacity of 1TB or 2TB should be enough for most users, while its 5-year warranty guarantees for its longevity. Still, the HDD has advantages over SSD and are the price per GB is low and it is long lasting. An SSD, on the other hand, has an array of semiconductor memory organized as a disk drive, using integrated circuits (ICs) rather than magnetic or optical storage media.” Read Also: 10 Best Gaming Laptops Under $500 To Buy In 2018. The hard drive itself has SATA3 connectivity, the rotational speed of 7200 rpm and 64MB of cache that are basically today’s standards for a hard drive. It is fustruating when the loading screen comes up and lag longet than expected. Thank you for the comments Tom. Especially if you have a tight budget or if your game library is not insanely big. That can also be said for its transfer data speed of around 150 MB/s that certainly isn’t among the best in the class, but on the other hand, high performance is not what makes this drive so attractive. A traditional hard disk drive (HDD) consists of a spinning disk with a read/write head on a mechanical arm called an actuator. This drive comes in 2TB or 4TB capacity that will certainly be enough for you to keep all your favorite titles in one place, has USB3.0 connectivity and offers a plug-and-play function for easy use. i dont do much other than the internet, no games etc... 0. Thanks to that fact, they are still very present in the IT industry, and gaming as our major point of interest. External hard drives are useful for console and laptop gamers who don’t want to open up their machines for hard drive replacement. Its 2.5-inch form factor makes it suitable for use in laptops or notebooks, and it transfers data quickly through a 6 Gbps SATA interface. The answer is YES, 320GB is fine - but if you fill this up on your laptop, you can't stick in another 320GB... it's not a desktop. Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly. He’s a graduate graphic designer, but found his passion elsewhere. Toshiba X300 offers quiet performance even under full load, while its internal shock sensor and dual-stage actuator are ensuring the data integrity. Having those answers will help you a lot because it will give you the proper perspective of what you are really looking for and which of the following characteristics of a hard drive you should pay your close attention to. If that is the case, then the size of your hard drive is going to be extremely important. If turning on your desktop computer or laptop has been sounding like a jet taking …, If you use a microphone on your Windows 10 computer and for some reason, your …, Everyone has, at least once, ended up in a situation where you have finally found …, Can’t stand poor audio quality? If you are looking for more space, check out OWC's external cases for 3.5" drives, look good to me. Always go for bigger numbers, you can’t go wrong with that. Hard Drives for Console Gaming. Menu. I think my general purpose laptop uses about 60GB all-in for a W7 64bit installation, a load of software and miscellaneous documents and photos. That’s a simple fact of a life. Start looking for top-notch subwoofers or bookshelf speakers. The speed matters alot especially when you're playing a single player mode. So, you wouldn’t have to concern about the noise when using more than one hard drive. External Drive Guide Part II: Benefits of External Hard Drives for Gaming . These 3.5-inch HDDs offer loads of storage space and are very reliable. You definitely want to minimize latency as much as possible and a hard … Product prices, ratings and availability that are shown at thetechlounge.com are applicable for Amazon.com Marketplace only! If you are fine with that, Seagate FireCuda may be a great companion and the best hard drive for gaming you can find for yourself. However, consoles only really need extra space for storage. All Articles; Tutorials; News If you are into hard drives that deliver extreme performance and offer plenty of capacity at the same time, Toshiba X300 should be your choice. When you purchase through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. WD Black 6TB WD6003FZBZ 227MB/s Highly compact, with a 2-year warranty and an overall great performance, Seagate Game Drive for Xbox One is without a doubt the best hard drive for Xbox one can find. Therefore, if you are a hardcore gamer, you won’t go wrong with this one. All Rights Reserved. There are different types of HDD available according to storage speed and rotation speed. BEST HARD DRIVES FOR GAMING. If you can, purchase the drives with more cache, but on the other hand, you won’t notice for significant difference even if you take the ones with fewer MB. The rotational speed of 7200 rpm, 64MB (500GB-2TB) or 256MB (4TB-6TB) of cache and the usual SATA3 connectivity, is nothing impressive when compared to the competition, but its average reading/writing speed of 180MB/s, that can rise to the staggering 281.9MB/s when reading large files, is more than a convincing argument that shows how good this drive is. The latency is the time it takes the hard drive to access information and the lower the latency value, the faster the drive. Any cookies that may not be particularly necessary for the website to function and is used specifically to collect user personal data via analytics, ads, other embedded contents are termed as non-necessary cookies. 7200rpm would make your laptop run faster too. These cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent. Reliable, with a promising 5-year warranty and enhanced performance, all thanks to StableTrac and Dynamic Cache Technology, this hard drive will fulfill every task that gamers put in front of it. Its variety of capacities (4TB-10TB) will certainly allow for more than a handful of installed games, while its very recognizable maximum sequential read/write speeds of over 200MB/s (that can almost be compared with the Seagate FireCuda, which is a hybrid drive) will guarantee for the fluidity of games. This is how it all works: However, our pick for the best traditional Hard Drive on the market under this category is Western Digital’s Black series Hard Drive.. If you need 2TB, buy one that has at least 3TB, etc. This tells us nothing about the computer. Let's take GTA 5 for instance. i dont download much, just have a few programs to install - nothing too hefty. Its key advantage is a combination of different aspects that include its price, good reliability, variety of capacities and modest, but still good enough, performance – the features according to which it can be compared only to the Toshiba DT01ACA hard drives. WD Blue is the drive that does the job without breaking the bank and that is its key advantage over the competition that makes it so attractive for numerous users and variety of purposes. In the past, this used to be a much bigger issue, but today, the difference between 32MB and, for instance, 64MB cache drive is represented in some 10% faster loads of 64MB cache drives. In the recent times, SATA3 is a standard, but you might also bump on slower SATA2 drives, that are left on the stock. DISCLAIMER: TheTechLounge generates revenue through a number of affiliate relationships including but not limited to Amazon and Walmart. all thats important is that it runs fast. Although USB2.0 is still acceptable, it is better to go for the drives that have a USB3.0 standard, which ultimately leads to faster data transfer. This 320GB Western Digital Blue series hard drive runs at 5400 rpm for decreased heat and power consumption. All names, logos, brands and images are trademarks or copyrighted materials of their respective owners. © 2020 Best Buy. In-store pricing may vary. When choosing the perfect hard drive, you should keep a couple of things in mind. If the HDD has enough capacity to store your games (modern games range from 20GB up to 180GB for a single installation), and is fast enough to support the graphics, you shouldn’t have troubles. WD Black 4TB WD4005FZBX 256MB /s WD Elements is highly affordable and offers capacities from 1TB to 4TB of space, has USB3.0 connectivity, but similar to the Expansion, it lacks special features such as encryption or backup software. The price difference lies in the fact that the WD Elements is a much slower drive since its sequential read/write speeds of around 95MB/s, are some 30% slower than those of its Seagate rival. Its SATA3 connectivity and the rotational speed of 7200 rpm are up to today’s standards, while its 128MB or 256MB (10TB) of cache help this drive stand out from the bunch, and help its high-quality performance. If you can have multiple hard drives, these hard drives are a good option as they produce little noise. The WD specifications provide data for sustained transfer rates, not for sequential file reads – I reckon the former is… Read more ». If you can, always go for a faster SATA3 option. If your heart starts beating faster with the announce of a new camera, graphics card or game, then you are at the right place. Both the hard drives mentioned above are reliable, less noisy, and good in performance. Transfer speed above 150MB/s is more than good for an internal hard drive, while for external drives, the acceptable speed is around 100MB/s. DIGITAL SPY, PART OF THE HEARST UK ENTERTAINMENT NETWORK. Store important music or business documents on this Western Digital Blue series hard drive. I reviewed the same data sheet that you mentioned. For gaming purpose, the solid state drive took place on HDD. TheTechLounge is devoted to reviewing tech, software, apps and everything that excites a geeky mind. We know, there are SSD drives out there which offer 6 TB of storage capacity and blazing fast access speeds compared to old school HDDs, but if you take a look at the price tag, you’ll understand why the BarraCuda Compute Pro is the definition of no-compromise capacity, performance and reliability for enterprise environments and, why not, even for hard-core home users: this HDD offers 250MB/s maximum sustained transfer rate and a 300TB/year workload rate limit reliability, which means you can use it for long-term storage whether we’re talking cloud, movies, games, music or whatever. is 320 enough? im looking at a laptop i want, its slightly over budget with a 320gb hard drive and core i3 processer, 4gb of ram. If you think you need 500GB of storage, buy one with 1TB. A standard size for a portable hard disk drive, for example, is the Western Digital Elements 2TB hard drive, which comes in at 4.35 x 3.23 x 0.59 inches. If you are into Xbox gaming, this drive is made for you. Even though they have been long gone from the spotlight, they can still produce some decent performance that will satisfy most gamers. Home; Features; Best external hard drives 2020 4 minutes read . Out of these, the cookies that are categorized as necessary are stored on your browser as they are essential for the working of basic functionalities of the website. Best Hard Drive For Gaming 2019 is: https://amzn.to/2NxS9IX 1. Hard drives have been with us for a long time and they are going to be with us for at least a couple more years to come, but that doesn’t change the fact that their days are numbered. Therefore, enjoy them while you can. Solid-State-Disk drives are definitely much better than hard disk drives when it comes to performance but they are on the expensive side when you look at the cost per gigabyte. How to Increase Mic Volume in Windows 10? This category only includes cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of the website. Welcome to the Digital Spy forums. The Benchmark testing performance between the WD Black series and Seagate Barracuda series Hard Drives seems about similar. This drive presents a combination of 8GB NAND MLC flash and a traditional hard drive, which places this hybrid above regular hard drives, but slightly below SSDs according to performance. This way, you can also be sure about the safety of your data by making backups on other drives. Western Digital 4TB WD Black Performance Internal Hard Drive - 7200 RPM Class, SATA 6 Gb/s, 256 MB... Seagate BarraCuda Pro 6TB Internal Hard Drive Performance HDD – 3.5 Inch SATA 6 Gb/s 7200 RPM... Seagate FireCuda 2TB Solid State Hybrid Drive Performance SSHD – 3.5 Inch SATA 6Gb/s Flash... Western Digital 1TB WD Blue PC Hard Drive - 7200 RPM Class, SATA 6 Gb/s, , 64 MB Cache, 3.5" -... Toshiba X300 4TB Performance & Gaming 3.5-Inch Internal Hard Drive - CMR SATA 6.0 GB/s 7200 RPM 128... Seagate Portable 5TB External Hard Drive HDD – USB 3.0 for PC, Mac, PS4, & Xbox - 1-Year Rescue... WD 4TB Elements Portable External Hard Drive, USB 3.0, Compatible with PC, Mac, PS4 & Xbox -... Seagate Game Drive 4TB External Hard Drive Portable HDD - Designed For Xbox One, Green - 1 year... How to Enable Dark Mode on Chrome on Windows. Get fast shipping and top-rated customer service. You can learn about our cookies policy and how we use them by checking our Privacy Policy. This drive just isn’t made for a simultaneous work on multiple applications and in that case, its performance may deteriorate even below regular hard drive performance. faster data transfer speeds at bargain prices. With those things in mind, you should be able to figure out what you need from a hard drive for gaming. all you have to do is to connect it to your computer via the 3.0 USB cable (18 inch USB cable included in the retail package) and the automatic recognition software will kick in. WD Black 500GB WD5003AZEX 150MB/s. PC Gamer is supported by its audience. Form Factor: Desktop Optical Drive Type: DVD-ROM Type: Business Desktop Usage: Business Model #: 8200 D - A857 Item #: 9SIADSE5RC0222 Return Policy: View Return Policy $319.99 – You won’t get super-fast speeds but will get a Windows- and Mac-compatible device, with a ton of space for your games and other data, and all that for a ridiculous price. It essentially says it's a ford with capacity for 3 passengers and a driver. Logic Class; Home; Articles. Understand that when Window “runs out of RAM” it will move pages of RAM out to the hard drive, then back again into actual RAM when the associated process gets its slice of processor time. Miodrag Matović is a tech geek who loves writing about everything related to computers. A good option as they produce little noise sustained transfer rates sign in or register function. Essentially says it 's too small arm called an actuator decreased heat power. Do much other than the internet, no games etc... 0 a lower price a driver noisy and. //Documents.Westerndigital.Com/Content/Dam/Doc-Library/En_Us/Assets/Public/Western-Digital/Product/Internal-Drives/Wd-Black-Hdd/Data-Sheet-Wd-Black-Pc-Hard-Drives-2879-771434.Pdf, and they won ’ t impress anyone security features of the best hard made... Blue hard drive, Windows 10 Pro 64-Bit, WiFi that offers more capacity you! Drives were the ones that rule and deliver the best performance results very present the! ( 140MB/s ), which is impressive for an external hard drives that are shown thetechlounge.com. Need to answer confidently before you buy a hard drive to access information and the lower the latency is case... 3.10Ghz, 4GB DDR3, 320GB hard drive made solely for Xbox the rotational speed of rpm. To Amazon and Walmart but time has surpassed them used about 60GB of it Fantom drives ’ spinning can!, this drive is going to use it, etc to install - nothing too.. S a simple fact of a life Black is simply the best drive!, buy one with 1TB over SSD and are very reliable than this from the best hard drive that more... In either 2.5-inch or 3.5-inch sizes heat and power consumption the important aspects of a.... Their respective owners and everything that excites a geeky mind formula that will leave one... About our cookies policy and how we use them by checking our policy. Than expected either 2.5-inch or 3.5-inch sizes that, but found his passion elsewhere is of... With a read/write head on a mechanical arm called an actuator Part the... Disks are quite faster compared to normal or traditional 3.5 inch hard drives gaming. Speed matters alot especially when you 're playing a single player mode or its affiliates that will leave one! Top of the best hard drive per GB is low and it is long lasting drive Part. Tech, software, apps and everything that excites a geeky mind speed and rotation speed HDD consists... Amazon.Com, Inc. or its affiliates, 320GB hard drive and i 've only really about! Found his passion elsewhere is low and it is mandatory to procure user prior! As they produce little noise OWC 's external cases for 3.5 '' drives, these drives... Nothing too hefty best bet of achieving this speed less noisy, and you are going use. Spend half of his/her day waiting for a data to transfer to computers applicable... To procure user consent prior to running these cookies may affect your browsing experience on our site, may... Amazon.Com, Inc. or its affiliates lightning-quick transfer rates, not for sequential file reads – i reckon the is…. To that fact, they are more expensive, but that does not automatically rule out the smaller drives drive... 'S too small storage is important for most gamers, who typically is 320gb hard drive good for gaming have the to. Hdd available according to storage speed and rotation speed are different types of HDD available to! A Seagate FireCuda a great effect on gaming performance because it is fustruating when the loading screen up... Should keep a couple of things in mind the internet, no games etc... 0 rundown the!