If you’re already working as a drone pilot, it’s better to create a template that focuses on your hands-on experience. This can vary depending on the level of experience you have flying drones and/or UAVs. Check out our latest job offers! UH-1 series helicopter instructor pilot experience is desired. Aligns goals of the section with the department’s and Company’s goals, policies, and strategies, Conducts meetings to ensure that personnel are well informed of changes in flight operation programs, policies, and procedures, Supervises all functions relative to the conduct of test flight operations at assigned location, Manages and implements the Company Flight Standardization and Training Program at assigned location. It'll sink like an X-Wing in the swamps of Dagoba. Uses CAD/CAM software as needed to create CNC programs from engineering files, Communicates with, and acts as a liaison between the prototype dept., engineering and others in processing changes to documents or parts, Suggests and assists in implementing new processes and procedures to improve the manufacture or inspection of parts, Gives informal demonstrations to personnel regarding software, tooling, assemblies, parts, processes and equipment, Able to work with minimal direction, work from sketches, incomplete drawings, multiple iterations of designs while working closely with other prototype machinists, engineers, production and quality personnel, Exercises good judgment to complete assignments when instructions are incomplete or unavailable, Knows and follows all policies that applied to one’s job and maintains the highest levels of professionalism, ethics and compliance at all times, Strives to maintain a high degree of teamwork between department personnel, engineering, management and plant personnel, Maintains a clean working area at workstation and equipment, Trains others in the operation of equipment, use of software and department operating procedures as necessary, Troubleshoot and repair equipment when it is not operating properly, Sets all tools on pre-setter for completion of set-up. Pilots flying OH-58D, CH-47, AH-64 or UH-60 aircraft must be a Phase II graduate in that particular aircraft before assuming Maintenance Test Pilot duties in those aircraft, Ability to add, subtract, multiply and divide in all units of measure, using whole integers, common and decimal fractions, Ability to compute rates, ratios, percentages, and interpolations necessary for aircraft and engine performance, Must have Active DoD Secret security clearance, Airline Transport Pilot License; Certified Flight Instructor; Aircraft and Powerplant License, A designated test pilot in handling qualities, aircraft performance and aircraft systems/avionics testing is desired, as is test experience in complex turbine powered aircraft, A minimum of 500 hours as a test pilot to include experimental and engineering flight test time, FAA certification processes knowledge to allow the applicant to obtain a FAA DER certification as a test pilot and flight analyst, Aircraft and Powerplant Mechanic Certification, Aviation Safety Officer Training and/or experience, Must be qualified as a U.S. Army UH-60M Instructor Pilot, Must have a minimum of 300 UH-60M Instructor Pilot flight hours and a minimum of 1,500 total hours of rotary wing flight experience, Must have UH-60 flight experience in either Operation Iraqi Freedom or Operation Enduring Freedom within the previous ten (10) years, Must have the ability to conduct effective cross-cultural communications, UH-60 High Altitude Flight, Power Management, and Mountain Environmental Flight Training at altitudes above 12,000 Ft. ASL (3,657 m) similar to training conducted at the High Altitude Aviation Training Site (HAATS) under day, night and NVG, UH-60 Overwater Flight Training consisting of low level tactical flight beyond the glide distance from shore under day, night, and NVG, UH-60 Internal and External Loads Training with loads up to 9,000 lbs (4,082 kg) under day, night, and NVG, UH-60 Search and Rescue (SAR) Procedures Training at low altitude, high altitude, and overwater under day, night, and NVG, Weapons School Commander Advisor. Recent experience in high mountain/desert and tactical operations is highly desired. ensuring that area remains in compliance, Empowers the pilot plant team to take ownership for their work processes and improvement plans, to be fully autonomous to ensure KPI targets are achieved, Accountable for ensuring sufficient and flexible work processes are developed in conjunction with R&D leadership team and then implemented flawlessly throughout pilot plant, Provides support for the provision and maintenance of a safe, compliant formulation facility for R&D activities, Procedure management (e.g. Military deployment experience is highly desired and deployment experience to the USCENTCOM region is desired, Transport cargo, passengers and conduct other missions as directed, Required to maintain night currency and Instrument proficiency, Plan and perform loading and unloading activities, compute the center-of-gravity position and ensure it is within prescribed limits at all times, Perform emergency procedure actions as required by applicable directives, May be assigned duties as Lead Pilot, and if qualified, Standardization Pilot, Instructor Pilot, Maintenance Examiner, Pilot-in-Command, or other additional duties relating to flight operations as required, FAA Commercial Airman Certificate with Instrument and Multi-engine Land rating, Possess a current FAA Class II Medical Certificate, Branch 15 Aviation MOS series/AFSC 11 or other military/commercial equivalent (155G preferred), Possess a thorough knowledge of FAA and ICAO regulations pertinent to the host country and operational requirement, Possess a current US Passport or have the ability to obtain one before assignment, Demonstrated, proven and verifiable aviation experience including ethics, ability, and professionalism of the highest standards is required for this position, 2,500+ total fixed wing flight hours including 1,000+ hours of turbine engine time, 250+ hours multi-engine turbine pilot-in-command time, 75+ hours of maintenance pilot time in a civilian or military organization, Experience using Falcon View or its equivalent preferred, Airline Transport Pilot (ATP) and DHC-8 unrestricted type rating highly desired, Qualification in assigned aircraft before or incident to assignment (multi engine or single engine as assigned), Must have a minimum of five (5) years’ experience in military tactical aircraft weapons systems, Must be a graduate of U.S. military rotary wing flight training program (or equivalent) and the appropriate U.S. Military Instructor Pilot Course (or equivalent) for the AH-64E, Must meet the flight time and physical requirements to pilot the designated type of aircraft in accordance with FAA and U.S. Military minimum requirements, Must qualify for a National Security Position (U.S. Secret Clearance) or Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Security Clearance, Must have a minimum of One (1) year experience as an Instructor Pilot, Minimum of a BA, BS or BBA degree or 10 (ten) years related experience, 300 documented hours turbine instructor pilot time in a civil or military organization, Graduate of the Aviation Safety Officer Course (ASOC), Three (3) years’ experience as an Instructor on AH-64E, The Lead Pilot will assign other tasks as required, Branch 15 Aviation MOS series (154C preferred) or other military or commercial equivalent is required; qualification in CH-46E is required prior to or incident to assignment, Individual should have experience using Falcon View or its equivalent, Possess or the ability to obtain and maintain a Department of Defense Security Clearance is a condition of employment; an active Secret Security Clearance is preferred, 2,000 total rotary wing flight hours including 1000 hours of turbine engine time, Applicant will be required to fly both single and multi-ship day, night, and Night Vision Goggle (NVG) missions; primarily under visual meteorological conditions, The successful applicant will perform duties as a Pilot, Pilot-in- Command, Air Mission Commander, Flight Lead, or Lead Pilot, Branch 15 Aviation MOS series (153B or 153D preferred) or other military or commercial equivalent is required; qualification in UH-1N/ST is required prior to or incident to assignment, Individual must possess a thorough knowledge of FAA and ICAO regulations pertinent to the host country and operational requirement, Individual must show documented completion of a manufacturer’s course of instruction, military flight training or a DoS program of instruction in UH-1 series helicopters, UH-1 series Instructor Pilot experience is desired, Only resumes showing a minimum of 2,000 hours of helicopter pilot experience will be considered, Individual must hold a current FAA Airman’s Certificate with rotorcraft helicopter and instrument ratings, or equivalent military ratings, and a current FAA Class II Medical Certificate, Conduct day and night flights, under visual and instrument meteorological conditions, Perform duties as a Pilot, Pilot-in-Command, Instructor Pilot, Maintenance Pilot, Maintenance Examiner, Air Mission Commander, or Lead Pilot, Perform other administrative task as assigned, Perform additional qualified duties related to flight operations as required, Able to show documented completion of a manufacturer’s course of instruction, military flight training or a DoS program of instruction in assigned aircraft, 2,500 total fixed wing flight hours including 1,000 hours of turbine engine time, Airline Transport Pilot (ATP) rating required and unrestricted type rating for assigned aircraft highly desired, 150 hours of maintenance pilot time, and 1 year experience managing maintenance programs in a formal civilian or military training activity, Branch 15 Aviation MOS series/AFSC 11 or other military/commercial equivalent, Compliance with FAR Part 61.31 Type rating for the aircraft is required prior to or incident to assignment, and must be able to satisfactorily complete an IP and ME flight evaluation, Individual must hold a current FAA CFII/MEI rating, Restricted Radiotelephone Operator Permit, and current FAA Class II Medical Certificate along with documented civil or military maintenance test pilot course completion, Remains fully qualified in aircraft and perform as a crewmember when necessary, Coordinates flight operations efforts. Recent graduate with a Bachelor’s Degree in Aviation Management and Operations looking to obtain an entry-level … Pilots are responsible for flying aircrafts in safety conditions. Automatic fliglI control systems, Navigation system, Radar systems computer system and optical display system; digital computer logic, use care interpretation of testing and measuring devices. Objective. For example: -- Total time: X hours; -- X hours Pilot in Command; -- X hours Second in Command; -- X hours on current type; 4. Requires extensive knowledge of related equipment and processes to produce parts to given specifications, Prepares all documentation required for Master Prototype file. Recommends and implements required corrective actions, Conducts currency and refresher training IAW with applicable regulations. List your highest held certificate, additional certificates and type ratings. Flight hours. Accurately maintains all records, logs, files, and software history, Uses and troubleshoots CNC code packages to produce and manipulate necessary data. Do not list your high school. on a daily basis, Ability to maintain a safe working environment, Position only open to current General Assembly Associates, Pre-Shift start-up Pass down Communication; confirm area start up condition & build-plan accordingly by project scope, Participate in & or lead Team huddles (Start of Shift). Producing written reports to describe aircraft or system discrepancies and observations. Line training for pilot: everything you need to know. SOPs), training strategy and implementation, Leads and manages the training program of pilot plant personnel to ensure appropriate skills are available for current and new projects, A BS Degree in an engineering/scientific discipline and demonstrable experience in project management and team leadership with at least seven years’ experience, A working knowledge of cGMP as applied to the area and experience fronting audits is required, Strong background and experience in safe work practices and ability to provide leadership to team in supporting EHS management system, Knowledge and understanding of formulation science technologies, including: pharmaceutical (nutraceutical) solid dosage manufacturing and processing operations, equipment qualification, and process validation, Ability to implement new systems of control that empower pilot plant teams to own, sustain and develop further, Effective analytical and problem-solving skills, General knowledge of typical laboratory systems (e.g. So, to add a professional touch to your resume it should be updated, neat and visually appealing. A resume is an important factor for your future pilot career. Specifically, No person may perform any function listed in 14 CFR 121, Appendix I while that person has a prohibited drug, as defined by that appendix, in his or her system. The biggest aviation conference and awards in the region. Want to save time and make sure your pilot resume is professional? A good cover letter can make you stand out from the rest. Cadet training programs for type and non-type rated pilots. In addition, ETA Talon would be an advantage, Pragmatic, pro-active, hands-on approach towards the achievement of goals, Work with Sales team on assigned deals to maximize the opportunity to close, Proactively scope technical solution requirements, assess customer needs and recommend solutions that optimize the value for the customer and Hughes, Coordinate closely with sales team to finalize designs, ensure technical accuracy is maintained thru the bid process, Build and maintain a relationship with customer technical buyers and technical decision makers, Build, maintain and carry out pre-sales demonstrations and work with customers on any pre-sales pilot programs, Provide technical training for both internal and external constituents when required, Work with marketing to create technical training and technical marketing communications, Assist in configuring and carrying out trade show exhibits, After a deal closes, the PSPE will assist in transitioning all technical relationships to the appropriate customer care service groups within the company, Provides flight operations, safety and technical support to airline customers in multiple aircraft types and models, Provides information, training and technical services to customer flight crews to enhance flight operations efficiency and safety, Represents Boeing at conferences and forums related to safety and flight operations, Interfaces with regional and international safety organizations regarding programs and initiatives to enhance operational effectiveness, Supports entry into service of new aircraft types, Performs Airline Visitation Programs as requested by customers to evaluate operational safety, efficiency and procedural standardization, Assists Boeing Flight Safety in accomplishing Flight Operations Support Program (FOSP) visits in the region, Provides briefings in support of customer aircrew (e.g., PBN, CRM, cold weather operations, performance, landing technique, etc.